five things for Monday

1. listened to a really fascinating Fresh Air interview about the post-Columbian world. It’s so amazing how the world (both ecological and anthropological) is such an interconnected web, and seemingly completely unrelated things can join together in a tidal wave of worldwide change.

2. In the past two weeks, I’ve heard two references to authors starting out by typing out other people’s writing in order to get into the mindset of that writer and learn to write in general. I think that’s kind of genius, and could potentially help get my creative juices going in other areas as well. Like copying a painting, or just straight up doing a DIY project in the exact same way it’s laid out in the instructions. I’m always reluctant to copy other people, but it could definitely get me out of my rut.

3. My brother sent along an email detailing an episode about my nieces, M and O, ages 7 and 10 respectively. Apparently M lost a tooth and secretly put it under her pillow without telling her parents to see whether the tooth fairy is real (she’s a true scientist, that kid). She did, however, mention it to O, who proceeded to dig through her own stash of money and left some under M’s pillow, along with a note that said, “Keep believing.” So amazing.

4. I stopped a guy on the street today because his dog looked almost exactly like Porter. The second I stopped him I regretted it because there is no more trite declaration than “Hey! Your dog looks just like mine! But you’ll have to take my word for it because he’s not here right now. But trust me. Except mine’s a little smaller. But other than that, seriously. Twinsies.” Not that I got to say any of that, because he seemed completely disinterested and wanted to just keep walking, so I kind of swallowed my excitement. I asked him what kind of dog it was and he said he didn’t know, as he inched by. I would have been embarrassed except that he went on to say he thought he was part German Shepherd, which is LUDICROUS, and therefore my superior knowledge of dog breeds boosted my confidence.

5. On my Teux Deux list today was to get the materials together to paint two of our bedroom doors. Instead I got the materials together AND painted one. So not only am I ahead of the game, but I did “a little more than I thought was possible” today.

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