just one thing

I love the Obamas a ridiculous amount.  I want to live next door to them and have barbecues and dinner parties with the family and get marriage advice from Michelle and just generally be around them.  To see them together, they feel like such a REAL family, a family who teases one another and loves one another in such a palpable way.  They are so inspiring, and not just because of their “story”, but because moreso than any president I can remember, Barack Obama just seems like such an incredibly brilliant and sincere person, who wants with all his heart to do the right thing for this country and I believe he truly loves the American people.  Regardless of what he can or can’t get accomplished, I think he still stands for hope, because he represents an ideal of humanity for me – intelligence, humility, morality, kindness and love.  If the rest of congress followed his example I think we’d be much better off.  So it might sound naive, but I’m voting for him as a person. 

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