the power of habit

I don’t wanna get ahead of myself here and be like, “I’ve changed my life forever in a little over a week!!” because I have a 35-year history of never ever ever EVER following through with ANYTHING.    BUT.  I’ve discovered something kind of cool thus far in 2014, which is that habits and routines are a little bit of fantastic.  

I can’t ever seem to develop any good routines.  I wish I could say that’s because I’m totally spontaneous and fill my days and nights with all sorts of different fun things.  Instead, the closest thing to a “routine” I have is coming through the door after work, walking straight to the kitchen (while catching up on the day’s Instagram posts) and standing there with my coat on, eating something out of a box or a crinkly bag for ten minutes.  After  that, I sometimes pull myself together enough to make dinner, sometimes tell Greg that we’re on our own to “scrounge” (which means probably something involving eggs or frozen chicken patties or spaghetti and a jar of sauce).  I usually brush my teeth before bed, but most of the time I can’t be bothered to wash my face.  I usually roll out of bed at the last possible second, sometimes with enough time for a shower, sometimes with enough time to at least wash my greasy bangs in the sink, sometimes with enough time to pull on a dress and lament my grossness for the rest of the day.  It’s a sad pathetic life for a 35 year old with no children.  

So slowly but surely, I’ve been trying to develop some routines.  I set my phone alarm for 9:55, a five-minute warning that I need to finish up whatever I’m doing and head upstairs.  I then have a whole grown-up routine involving vitamins, floss, my Clarisonic, mouth wash, moisturizer, etc.  In the mornings, I set my alarm for 6:45, and then get up around 7:05 (baby steps, ok??) and make smoothies for Greg and I.  Depending on time constraints, I try to do 20 minutes of yoga.  I then walk Porter and am out the door with enough time to be at my desk by 9am.  I’d love to get to work early enough that I don’t have to park a mile away in the weird overflow lot, but again, baby steps.

And guess what?  After a week and a half, I feel awesome.  

I do have more to say on this topic of habit though, so stay tuned…

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