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chicken pancakes for the soul

Since my last post was such a thorough downer, I thought I’d go for something quick and uplifting (also because my to-do list for today had “blog” on it and I’m trying desperately to check everything off).  My friend sent me this video today, which I thought was the perfect antidote to Monday.

Afterward I popped over to the website –  I haven’t had a chance to really dig in much yet, but it seems like a fun site.  I particularly like that they have “activities” for you to do.  Although my younger self would never have believed it, the adult me enjoys completing as assignment.

There was one in particular called “Tweeting to the oldies” where you write a Tweet describing your grandparents.  Here was mine:

“The most wonderful flabby arms and the softest most wrinkliest skin. I miss her so much, 25 years later.”

Writing it actually made me tear up at my desk.

as a token of forgiveness, please take this baby

Really interesting episode of Fresh Air about international adoption:

The Joys And Struggles Of International Adoption

I might take some time later to write some thoughts about this, but first it’s time to take advantage of Free Lunch Day.