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what am I paying you for again?

This morning I had to meet with our plumber and our contractor who’s doing the laundry room, and now I sort of want to die, or call off the whole thing, I can’t decide. I am constantly amazed at how much hand-holding is required of contractors. I always sort of assume that I just say something like, “Hey, make this into a laundry room – we want a wall here, some lights here, and a washer and dryer here. Get to it!” Instead, a month or so into the planning, it suddenly turns out that our contractor doesn’t really know how to do any plumbing.

Our regular plumber is supposed to replace our main stack pipe, so I just wanted to schedule the projects together because I figured it was easier to run the wiring when the wall was open, and easier for the plumber to just add a branch off the stack to drain the washing machine. Simple, right? Unfortunately I’m realizing that our contractor a) can’t keep his shit straight and b) didn’t know what plumbing he was actually supposed to do, and c) doesn’t know what’s involved in plumbing for a washing machine. So this morning involved a very tense conversation in which my plumber was getting very frustrated with my contractor, and my contractor didn’t seem to understand a word the plumber was saying. And then there was me in the middle trying to translate. Me, who has no experience with plumbing or installing laundry hookups or anything. And all of this resulted in a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach.

I’m sure it will all turn out fine. I’m just going to have the plumber do all of the plumbing and the contractor will do the drywall, wiring, etc. But again, now I have to talk to the plumber and express to him that I need an estimate for ALL the work. I’m done trying to use words that I don’t fully understand, because that never seems to work out for me. I’m going to pretend that I’m a total idiot, and say, “Look, I need to be able to put a washer and dryer in that spot right there. Please do everything necessary so that when it’s delivered, the guy can just hook it up and be done with it, whatever that might entail.” Let’s just hope that it’s not a schmillion dollars.

Dealing with contractors just sucks my will to live. The other day someone was supposed to come over to look at our leaky roof, and I sat at home between 8 and 10 when they said they’d be there (I was late for work, of course) and finally I called at 10 only to find out that now he would be there between 12 and 2. When I asked when someone was going to call and tell me, the secretary said, “Well he had an emergency this morning and the schedule got changed around,” which of course was not an answer to my question. And the thing is, I can’t even be furious and pitch a fit on the phone, because they’re ALL like that. Verizon was supposed to come last weekend, so we had to wait around from 8 to 1 on Saturday (which is a completely ridiculous timeframe, by the way) and they just never showed up. Then Monday morning, I was just coming back from taking Porter out before work, and the guy was standing on the steps. It was actually amazing that I was even still there, considering they hadn’t called to tell us it would be rescheduled. Of course when I angrily asked the guy where he was on Saturday, he simply said, “I dunno, I wasn’t working Saturday.”

So basically, I’m completely screwed until we finish the house entirely, which will be never, which means I’m just completely screwed forever.

how much is that doggy in the window?

Dear imaginary (or real) friends who read this:  If you ever purchase a dog from a pet store, and I ask, “Where did you get your puppy?”  it’s probably best to lie to me.  Because otherwise you’ll make me very, very sad, and I’ll probably lose a good deal of respect for you.