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still glowing, still crowing, still going strong

*just realized I had accidentally unpublished this post, so it’s a little outdated.  Of course, unless you have intimate knowledge of my day-to-day life you’d probably have no idea.  But blogging is all about being open and honest with strangers, right?*

I’m having a stressful day.  When I changed jobs within my company a few years ago, I hit the jackpot.  I went from crying in the bathroom several times a week to actually enjoying my day.  I had a secret little hideout, under the radar and untouched by the standard frantic race for money money money.  Unfortunately the capitalist beast seems to have found my hiding place, and things are starting to get frantic again, and political.  I can work hard and keep long hours if necessary, but office politics is one thing I just do not have the stomach or heart for.

So I need to think about a few things I’m grateful for right now:

– I’m grateful that my mom told me, in a hopeful tone, that she’s feeling better than she’s felt for a long time.  This is most likely due to the fact that she’s run out of some of her many prescriptions and with them the side effects.  Crazy how the drugs that are meant to help you can snowball into their own illness.

– Grateful that I booked our trip to Florida today and therefore KNOW that in the foreseeable future, there will be a few days when I won’t have to wear a parka.

– Grateful to be checking out my friend’s new place tonight, which he just closed on last week, which means he won’t be ditching me to move to New York anytime soon.

And for added good measure, Ella always makes me happy: