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When you look in the sky, just try looking inside

Despite the insane hype, Arcade Fire continues to make music that can move me to tears.  This morning in the car I was listening to this song and it made me feel so amazing and so sad at the same time.  And I started crying.

In particular, I love this verse:

They say heaven’s a place
Yeah heaven’s a place, and they know where it is
But you know where it is? It’s behind the gate, they won’t let you in
And when they hear the beat coming from the street they lock the door
But if there’s no music up in heaven, then what’s it for?

I’m at that stage of life where terrible things start to happen to you and the people around you, and as a result the highest highs and the lowest lows sit snugly up against one another to be experienced in quick succession.

I was driving in the car jamming along and feeling good, and then I started thinking of some friends who are going through probably the toughest thing they’ll ever go through, and the crappy year I’ve had, and I wondered how life can be so horribly cruel and so beautiful at the same time (something that I think of all the time, actually).   But sometimes things are so bad that there’s nothing you can do but enjoy a good melody.