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well, I’m a bit of a photog


I’m self-deprecating by nature, and I don’t really feel comfortable praising myself.  Humility is a valuable asset but sometimes it can really get in the way of development.

We recently got back from at trip to Italy, where i managed to take 1100+ photos.  Why is it that it takes a vacation for me to break out my real camera?  Sure, I use Instagram like every other schmuck on the planet, but I wind up feeling too silly to carry my Nikon around on a regular basis.  Granted, it’s the difference of a 2lb monstrosity vs. a sleek little thing you keep in your pocket, but still.

I think, and others have corroborated, that I take relatively good pictures.  I’m no Annie Lebowitz, but I think I have a pretty good eye and I would like to start taking photography more seriously.  Maybe move beyond the “no flash” mode on my camera and get down and dirty in the art form.  It’s one of the few things that I feel I have maybe a bit of a raw talent for, so rather than decide that I want to be a master painter or a jazz pianist, I should start with something that I have SOME sort of aptitude for.

So anyway, I thought I’d start going through my overloaded hard drive and posting some of my better moments in photography.  The above is one I took in Florence a few weeks ago.  It’s probably my favorite from the whole trip.  Something about the storm clouds and the dreamy colors of the Ponte Vecchio.  The priest walking past was the cherry on the gelato.